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Stone Vanish


Transparent acrylic impregnation varnish, specially designed for the decoration and protection of stone, concrete, brick etc of interior or exterior use. It is quick drying and creates a tough, decorative film that displays good weather resistance and doesn’t flake. Drying

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cool roof


Substituting a cool roof for a non-cool roof decreases cooling-electricity use, cooling-power demand, and cooling-equipment capacity requirements, while slightly increasing heating-energy consumption. Cool roofs can also lower citywide ambient air temperature in summer, slowing ozone formation and increasing human comfort.

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SurfaGuard® M


Anticorrosion of Metals SurfaGuard Metals is a water-based, nanotechnology formulation that prevents metal corrosion. The metal surface becomes passivated and a 3D network of nanoparticles prevents corrosive agents from reacting with the metal Thus, the corrosion rate is decreased up

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SurfaShield® G


Anti-Microbial and Self-Cleaning for Glass Surfaces SurfaShield G is a nanotechnology water-based suspension especially designed for glass surfaces, without the need of energy consuming heat treatment steps. Nanoparticles chemically bond on the treated surface and assure abrasion resistance. SurfaShield treated

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SurfaShield® T


Anti-Microbial and Self-Cleaning for Ceramic and Vitrified Tile Surfaces SurfaShield T is a nanotechnology based suspension especially designed for professional or industrial applications that can be easily applied on ceramic surfaces by spraying, without the need of energy consuming heat

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SurfaShield® C


Anti-Microbial and Self-Cleaning for Porous Surfaces SurfaShield C is a liquid formulation, developed and produced by NanoPhos SA, that provides effective self cleaning and self sterilizing properties on a wide range of porous building surfaces. SurfaShield coated surfaces efficiently decompose

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SurfaMix® C


Cement & Plaster Admixture SurfaMix C is a water-based, latex-free admixture for cementitious mortars, grouts, renders and plasters that enhances adhesion and bonding on application surfaces. Further, it improves elasticity and reduces cracking, shrinkage and the formation of water absorbing

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DeSalin® C


Residue & Efflorescence Cleaner for Cement & Clay-based Surfaces DeSalin C is a special cleaner, based on a concentrated, natural acid. It is an effective formulation for residues removal from cement surfaces, mortar, grout, stucco, natural or artificial stones. Ideal

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DeSalin® K


Cement & Paints Residue Cleaner for Resistant Surfaces DeSalin K is a special cleaning formulation for fast and effective action. It is ideal for the removal of stains created by the use of “sticky” paint resins, cement residues and adhesive

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DeSalin® T


Cleaner for Sensitive Surfaces such as Marble & Granite DeSalin T is a very active acid-free cleaner, especially formulated for polished, sensitive surfaces such as marble or granite.  It will not affect the shine, colour, or texture of your surface

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SurfaPore® C in Action
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