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SurfaPore® C


Water repellent for cement, grout, stucco and natural or artificial stones SurfaPore C is a water-based formulation: just apply it on existing surfaces. Create an invisible water repellent that shields against moisture, surface cracking, freeze threat & mould! SurfaPore C

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SurfaPore® R


Water repellent for clay based surfaces – roof tiles, cotto & pottery SurfaPore R protects your clay surfaces from water penetration. Ceramics and roof tiles are effectively protected from deterioration and from the unsightly “greening” of mould growth. SurfaPore R

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SurfaPore® T


Stain protection for marble, granite and absorptive porcelain surfaces Staining of marble, granite and porous porcelain tiles can be disastrous for these valuable surfaces. SurfaPore T creates an impermeable and invisible shield by blocking even the finest pores of these

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SurfaPore® M


Oil, Water and Stain protection for marble, granite, stones and cement Stains can destroy your valuable marble, granite, stone and cement surfaces. SurfaPore M not only protects these surfaces from stains, but also makes them oil and water repellent. Microscopic

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SurfaPore® W


Water repellent for protecting wooden surfaces SurfaPore W was developed based on the unique properties of wooden surfaces. A combination of active ingredients repels water without changing the natural appearance of wood. It can be applied as a primer before

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SurfaPore® F


Water, Oil protection and primer for fibrous materials and gypsum SurfaPore F is a water based formulation that can be easily applied on fibrous surfaces, plasterboards, drywalls, composite wood and carton. It can also be directly applied on gypsum plaster

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SurfaPore® C in Action
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