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SurfaShield® G


Anti-Microbial and Self-Cleaning for Glass Surfaces SurfaShield G is a nanotechnology water-based suspension especially designed for glass surfaces, without the need of energy consuming heat treatment steps. Nanoparticles chemically bond on the treated surface and assure abrasion resistance. SurfaShield treated

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SurfaShield® T


Anti-Microbial and Self-Cleaning for Ceramic and Vitrified Tile Surfaces SurfaShield T is a nanotechnology based suspension especially designed for professional or industrial applications that can be easily applied on ceramic surfaces by spraying, without the need of energy consuming heat

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SurfaShield® C


Anti-Microbial and Self-Cleaning for Porous Surfaces SurfaShield C is a liquid formulation, developed and produced by NanoPhos SA, that provides effective self cleaning and self sterilizing properties on a wide range of porous building surfaces. SurfaShield coated surfaces efficiently decompose

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SurfaPore® C in Action
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