DeSalin® C

Residue & Efflorescence Cleaner for Cement & Clay-based Surfaces

DeSalin C is a special cleaner, based on a concentrated, natural acid. It is an effective formulation for residues removal from cement surfaces, mortar, grout, stucco, natural or artificial stones. Ideal formulation for the removal of salty stains, created due to efflorescence. Mould and mildew can also be successfully removed. Suitable for food production or water treatment installations, as no post cleaning, cleaner residues remain on surface (thorough water rinsing required). Readily biodegradable formulation, without organic surfactants.

Application Area & Characteristics:

  • Effective formulation for cleaning cement stucco, stones, roof tiles, roof tops & clay based surfaces.
  • Removes mould, algae and “greening”.
  • Removes salt deposits and white spots.
  • Quick and effective action.
  • Applicable in food safety areas and rooms (requires extensive water rinsing).
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SurfaPore® C in Action
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