DeSalin® AM

AntiMould Prevention and Cleaner

DeSalin AM cleans and prevents mould, algae and microorganism growth for internal and external masonry surfaces.

Paints tend to absorb water, becoming an ideal environment for mould, algae or other microorganism growth. Cleaning the infected surface with bleach-based products usually worsens the problem: mould spores are not eliminated but instead are spread and contaminate larger wall surface areas.

DeSalin AM is a powerful water-based fungicide that kills mould, algae and microorganisms for internal and external masonry surfaces. Ideal for cleaning infected surfaces and preventing the black and green spoting caused by microorganisms. It can be used as a preventive treatment for the maintenance of internal surfaces such as kitchens, bathrooms and basements. It also effectively protects exterior surfaces such as stone, tiles, fountains and around swimming pools.

Application Area & Characteristics:

  • Removes mould, microorganisms, bacteria and prevents them from returning
  • Complete prevention/disinfection against a broad spectrum including fungal spores
  • Water-based formulation. No solvents (Low VOC)
  • Applicable wherever mold may appear on internal or external surfaces such as painted and unpainted walls, cement grout, stones, tiles, fountains and around swimming pools
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