SurfaShield® C

Anti-Microbial and Self-Cleaning for Porous Surfaces

SurfaShield C is a liquid formulation, developed and produced by NanoPhos SA, that provides effective self cleaning and self sterilizing properties on a wide range of porous building surfaces.

SurfaShield coated surfaces efficiently decompose organic stains, bacteria, mould, gaseous pollutants, even odours. SurfaShield C modified surfaces are safer, without the use of hazardous disinfectants or antibiotics, and are preserved as new.

How does it work?
SurfaShield C acts by absorbing surrounding light and transforming it in chemical power. As a semiconducting catalyst, SurfaShield C nanoparticles are activated by light to produce shortliving oxidizing compounds: oxygen and hydroxyl radicals. Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, Gaseous Pollutants, Odors, Stains; they all decompose and break down to harmless inorganic compounds. Thus the application surfaces remain actively clean. SurfaShield is not just an active Surface Shield: As light interacts with nanoparticles, surfaces become super-hydrophilic and as a result pollutants are washed away. SurfaShield also acts as an air purifier as it decomposes harmful organic substances such as volatile organic compounds (VOC), car exhaust gases and nitrogen oxides (NOx). As a result nanotechnology assures permanently a cleaner and safer environment just by absorbing light.

Application Area & Characteristics:

  • Treated surfaces become Self Cleaning and Self Sterilizing
  • Active Self-Cleaning Nanotechnology for the Protection of Porous Surfaces
  • Prevents mould growth and black spotting on walls or cement
  • Decontaminates gaseous environmental pollutants
  • Can be applied easily on surfaces.
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SurfaPore® C in Action
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