SurfaPore® C

Water repellent for cement, grout, stucco and natural or artificial stones

SurfaPore C is a water-based formulation: just apply it on existing surfaces. Create an invisible water repellent that shields against moisture, surface cracking, freeze threat & mould!

SurfaPore C nanoparticles have been specially engineered to deeply penetrate and shield the microscopic pores of surfaces. While water and moisture are actively repelled, materials retain their ability to “breathe”. SurfaPore C makes your surfaces moisture-free and therefore hinders mould or mildew growth and eliminates freeze threat.

Application Area & Characteristics:

  • Nanotechnology for cement, stucco, grout, natural or artificial stones.
  • Prevents humidity surface corrosion and crackings, extending the lifetime of your surfaces.
  • Prevents growth of algae, mould and microorganisms.
  • Prevents white spots and salt deposits (efflorescence).
  • Can be easilyapplied on surfaces, but also can be mixed with cement-based powders, instead of water.
  • Maintains surface “breathing” without change in colours, appearance, texture or essence.
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SurfaPore® C in Action
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