SurfaPore® R

Water repellent for clay based surfaces – roof tiles, cotto & pottery

SurfaPore R protects your clay surfaces from water penetration. Ceramics and roof tiles are effectively protected from deterioration and from the unsightly “greening” of mould growth.

SurfaPore R preserves the aesthetics of your clay surfaces while protecting them against water and ageing. Due to their unique nature, SurfaPore R was designed to exactly “fit” the structural and surface properties of clay based materials.

After applying SurfaPore R, your clay surfaces repel water and can remain dry even after rain! Protect your roof tops and favourite clay based surfaces from “greening” and getting mouldy!

Application Area & Characteristics:

  • Nanotechnology for any clay-based surface, like roof tiles, pottery and cotto tiles.
  • Prevents surface corrosion and the “nasty greening” of your favourite surfaces.
  • Prevents growth of algae, mould and microorganisms.
  • Prevents white spots and salt deposits (efflorescence).
  • Simple surface application, retaining “breathing” without change of natural appearance.
  • Protects from frost threat.
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SurfaPore® C in Action
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