SurfaPore® T

Stain protection for marble, granite and absorptive porcelain surfaces

Staining of marble, granite and porous porcelain tiles can be disastrous for these valuable surfaces. SurfaPore T creates an impermeable and invisible shield by blocking even the finest pores of these surfaces.

Microscopic analysis of marbles, granite and porcelain tiles surfaces reveals multiple interconnected pores that readily collect stains. Subsequently, these surfaces lose their shine and become discoloured. Cleaning them requires significant effort and some stains are impossible to remove. SurfaPore T can be easily applied on your existing or new surfaces and preserve their appearance.

Application Area & Characteristics:

  • Nanotechnology for marbles, granites, porous porcelain tiles.
  • Effectively seals pores that readily absorb stains.
  • Deep surface penetration and effectiveness.
  • Abrasion resistant activity, as modification takes place inside pores and not on the surface.
  • Does not change the natural appearance or turn yellowish.
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SurfaPore® C in Action
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