Advantages of NanoPhos

What is Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology refers to the scientific field,which deals with very small structures,usually sized below 100nm.One nano meter (nm) is one billionth of a meter (10-9m) – it is so small that if earth were one meter in diameter,then one nanometer would have been the size of an apple! Nano-Sized materials reveal unique properties when compared to ordinary,bulk materials or even molecules

The advantages of NanoPhos

SurfaPore Formulations act completely differently, when compared to polymer membranes or traditional Silicone based formulations,as they do not create a “plastic flim” on the surface applied.For example,Surfapore C protects and waterproofs surfaces,by deeply penetrating into the pores of cement based substrates:instead of sealing the pores,nanoparticles”coat them”,assuring that water or other corroding factors are effectively repelled by chemical forces.In this manner,protection is provided deeply into the substrate which is therefore not affected by abrasion or mechanical wear. As nanoparticles do not form polymer chains, SurfaPore modified surfaces can last longer:even after eight years they can exhibit 95% of their original activity or functionality.SurfaPore formulations are more resistant to the “hard’ part of solar light (UV radition) which does not cause them to become “yellowish”.While SurfaPore formulations do not alter the color and natural appearance of the surfaces modified they also allow them to breathe.


Why is “breathing” so important?

A very important advantage of Surfapore technology is the “breathing” of the modified surfaces.In particular,in case moisture is trapped behind a SurfaPore C,R or W modified surface,the water will evaporate into the environment,without accumulating inside the building’s structure.Therefore,Internal (negative) pressure is relieved by evaporation since water vapors can still travel inside the pores of the material and exit into the open environment. However, water from the external environment is blocked from being transferred inside the material. In this manner, common building failures (swelling,cracking,warping) are prevented and SurfaPore modified surfaces remain dry and unchanged in both their appearance and mechanical properties.

SurfaPore® C in Action
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