Water Proofing

Waterproofing is a process designed so as to prevent ensure that no water enters into whatever it is intended to keep dry. Ideally waterproofing process should be undertaken at the time of constructing the building. Extensive waterproofing measures add life to the building.It is better to control water seepage right at the beginning of the construction rather then going for retrofit waterproofing. Water proofing is also done after the damage has been done by water seepage in the building.

For a resident or owner, building waterproofing is extremely important. It not only keeps a building dry, it  also reduces humidity with in the building, making it more hygienic & comfortable to work in and protecting expensive fixtures & objects inside the building from damage due to humidity or water exposure. Waterproofing is also important to the integrity of the building itself.

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation plays an important role in every Process / Manufacturing plant from view point of “Energy Conservation”. In applications like hot / cold insulation properly designed “Insulation System” can achieve any of the targets set through a focused “Energy Conservation” program implementing the designed insulation system through scientific  practices at actual surfaces is the key to achieving these goals.

For LEED certification (Green Building) energy conservation is important. NanoPhos products has SRI (Solar Reflective Index) of 113 against 78 required for LEED certification. A drop of 1 degree C in temperature can save upto 7-10% of energy consumed.

Poorly insulated roofs are the major source of heat transfer in building structures. This results in large amounts of energy to be required for cooling in the summer or heating in the winter, our products are innovated keeping in mind all these criteria.

Self Cleaning Products

SurfaShield products reduces the carbon imprint on our planet by continuously disintegrating the Carbon deposits on the surfaces which are coated with SurfaShield products. SurfaShield are antibacterial, anti fungal and self sterilizing products  thereby it is ideal for hospitals, operation theaters, pharmaceuticals factories etc.,

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