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ATG NANO SYSTEMS is a partnership firm promoted by G. Sampath Kumar and his brother G.Sriram to market LOTUS Nano water repellent coat; Visualization value addition mobile app for the building industry and the products of Nanophos SA Greece. ATG Nano Systems also does contract work in water proffering and weather proffering and texture coating/ painting. The other two brothers G. Srinivasan & G. Krishnan are also supporting this venture.


It sounds almost like magic, but the science of nano technology leads to the development of materials that have a special chemical structure that makes them functional. These materials are frequently called “smart" as they respond to environmental stimuli with particular changes in some variables.  Depending on changes in external conditions, “smart" materials change their properties  ( mechanical, electrical, appearance), their structure or composition,  or their functions. Nanotechnology is the new wave of the future that is promising to achieve advances in medicines, manufacturing, high-performance materials,  information technology, energy, and environmental technologies.


G.  Sampath Kumar is a chemical engineer and will be the Managing Partner of the firm. He has promoted  Fresco Paints Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturer of water-based acrylic & cementitious potties, coatings, and textured finishes, and Fine Finish, an applicator, both based in Chennai.


G. Sriram, B. Tech. (IIT-M), is a chemical engineering consultant with over 38 years of experience in various areas of chemical industry.  He has got over 15 years of experience in advising the construction chemical industry with respect to product development,  production, and quality control.


G. Srinivasan, MBA (IIMA), has over 30 years experience in Finance, Marketing, and General  Management across leading corporations. He is with Dawn Consulting, Bangalore and advises clients in the areas of strategic finance, strategic planning advice for startups, Consulting Venture Capital  & Private Equity investments for corporates and Mergers & Acquisitions.


G. Krishnan, ACA & ACS, has over 30 years of experience in finance and as company secretary. He is practicing independently in Mumbai at present along with his associates and is also assisting foreign investors in setting up companies in India, complying with various Indian regulations and arranging for finance, etc.  as a one-stop solution provider.

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