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The below mentioned are the various services we offer


Texture finishes like scratch (rainfall/ vertical/ horizontal/  rotational/  criss cross), brick pattern, rubble pattern, bubble texture, roller tex are possible by using FRESCO texture coatings. Interior & exterior primer & acrylic paints and white cement based putty are also available. They withstand the vagaries of weather & highly resistant to UV radiation. A Nano paint of premium quality with almost zero water penetration at reasonable cost is available


Water proofing is a process designed so as to prevent ensure that no water enters into whatever it is  intended to keep dry. Ideally waterproofing  process should be undertaken at the time of constructing the building. Extensive waterproofing  measures add life to the building. It is better to control water seepage right at the beginning of the construction rather than going for retrofit waterproofing.  Water proofing is also done after the damage has been done by water seepage in the building


Chemical water proofing is done by constructionchemicals like SBR/ Acrylic/ Polyurethane liquid membrane coatings and sealants. These are normally done on the roof concrete slab in the terrace and toilets. It can be done on top of the existing terraces also to do repair jobs.


It is a good performance torch on a membrane made out of modified bitumen and polypropylene and polymers. It can be done on concrete slabs/cement plastered/tiled terraces.

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