SurfaGuard® M

Anticorrosion of Metals

SurfaGuard Metals is a water-based, nanotechnology formulation that prevents metal corrosion. The metal surface becomes passivated and a 3D network of nanoparticles prevents corrosive agents from reacting with the metal

Thus, the corrosion rate is decreased up to 10 times. It preserves the gloss on surfaces like stainless steel.
shiny metallic surfaces. Further, superficial layers of rust are passivated creating a shell against corrosion. At the same time, SurfaGuard Metals prepares the metallic surface for paint application as the adhesion of a polymer coating is enhanced.

Application Area & Characteristics:

  • Inhibits corrosion and rust formation even in extreme environments (e.g. marine, high temperature)
  • Extends the lifetime of metals
  • Enhances adhesion with other coatings and cement
  • Corrosion rate is decreased up to 10 times and preserves gloss on shiny metallic surfaces
  • Superficial layers of rust are passivated creating a shell against corrosion
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